Post-concussion syndrome depression

Post-concussion syndrome depression is something that a lot of us never heard about. We may have not even realized it was a thing until we started experiencing depression symptoms like intense sadness and having a negative outlook on the future. Well, post-concussion depression is a thing! And this page will help you understand and heal it – because you can!

Post-concussion syndrome depression help

Post-concussion syndrome depression: the survivor's guide (2022)

Read this complete guide to post-concussion syndrome depression to find out: what it is, why concussions can cause depression, what my post-concussion depression story is, and what you can do to heal yourself (because you can!).


Concussion and stress (Prof. Tenovuo part 3)

Concussion and stress (Prof. Tenovuo part 3)

Concussion and stress are interrelated. Professor Tenovuo highlights 3 major sources of stress for patients with lingering concussion symptoms and shares that post-concussion depression is a normal phenomenon.

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