Recognizing depression after a concussion


Concussion Stories


On Concussion Stories, we share real post-concussion syndrome stories of hope, struggle, insight, perspective and empowerment.


We host post-concussion syndrome specialists from all over the world

Emeritus Professor Andrew Maas

Coordinator of CENTER-TBI, one of the 3 largest studies on traumatic brain injury worldwide.

Professor Margriet Sitskoorn

The neuropsychologist and author who helped me see the healing potential of my broken brain.

Co-leader & part of 2 of the largest traumatic brain injury research projects in the USA.

About Melanie Wienhoven

Hey there!

My name is Melanie Wienhoven, host of the Concussion Stories podcast. Concussion Stories is all about bringing forward the real stories behind our concussions.

Insight and hope play an important role in every episode, while we hold space for the darkness that most of us know all too well.

My goal for each episode is to instill a sense of empowerment in you. To enable your recovery, you first need that 1 thing that only you have power over: the choice that you will or won’t be in the driver’s seat of your own recovery.

Speed up your recovery right now

In this free guide, you’ll learn 3 actionable steps to take and accelerate your post-concussion recovery right here, right now.

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Popular episode show notes

concussion podcast Ramon

Dr. Ramon Diaz-Arrastia

Traumatic brain injury is classified as severe, moderate or mild traumatic brain injury. But there is nothing “mild” about concussions. Dr. Diaz-Arrastia explains.

concussion podcast Nada

Professor Nada Andelic

Post-concussion care is long past due for an overhaul! Professor Nada Andelic explains her vision AND practice at Oslo University. Listen here.

concussion podcast Linsay

Professor Lindsay Wilson

Listen to professor Lindsay Wilson, a neuropsychologist who is able to emphatically explain the cascade of long-term concussion effects many of us experience.

James Durham on Concussion Stories

"The little things are the big things"

Have a listen to the inspirational conversation I had with James Durham, who remained in a 5-week coma after his accident, had to relearn how to walk and talk and managed to get out even more positive than he ever was before!


Honest stories of hardship & hope during traumatic brain injury recovery

Bella Paige

Subconcussive impacts, post-concussion depression and bouncing back: Bella knows.

Wendy Smeets

This brave yogi shares about abuse, PTSD, forgiveness and her difficult road to recovery.

Nick Mercer

After being comatose and spending years relearning basic skills, Nick is a positive warrior!

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What people are saying:

Just listening to the way you talk makes me feel peaceful, encouraged, and you really help me. You make me feel like I´m not alone anymore, that I have a friendly familiar companion on this journey. You send out a positive energy and you know about what you are talking about. Thank you for spreading good information! 

I have found this podcast most helpful and can relate to our concussion experiences. I look forward to your next excellent episode and I appreciate your work. I am so pleased that you have recovered and are so willing to share.

I have been listening to all your podcasts & your posts from IG. So inspiring & informative.


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    3 things i wish i knew while recovering from my concussion

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    How long does it take to recover from a concussion

    I made a course for you

    After making a full recovery from post-concussion syndrome, I created the Cure My Concussion course to teach you all that I needed to learn in order to heal my brain. Had I had access to this course, my recovery wouldn’t by far have taken as long as it did.

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    What is depression?

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