I want to spare you all the unnecessary struggles I had to go through for years


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Dear post-concussion syndrome friend,

Do you feel like you’re stuck in your concussion?

Do you want constructive help and recognition?

Do you want to be able to depend on your brain again?

Do you want to reclaim your health and your life?

If your answer is “yes” to all…

I can relate, because this was my answer, too.

And I’m so glad I can bring you good news after everything you’ve had to go through so far.

It took me years, tons of research, disappointment and dedication, but I found the way out!

Since it literally cured my concussion of over 6 years, I named it the
Cure My Concussion method.

Because I couldn’t find the help I needed, I had to research and develop the method myself – and after more than my complete recovery, it’s ready to be shared with you!  

The traditional way of dealing with a concussion…

…is based on passive rest and does nothing but delay your recovery and cause more collateral damage in your life. 

You can’t do your job like you used to, social gatherings cause you anguish, and relationships are hard to maintain because people can’t see from the outside what’s falling apart on your inside. 

If you do feel your symptoms are less from resting, chances are you’ll notice they are extrapolated once you step back into normal life again. 

If you do what many doctors tell you to do and let the concussion take the life you once had, you can expect so much collateral damage that it only makes it harder to clean up the mess later.

What’s more: 

A life without good health will never be the life of your dreams.

But right here and now, with the Cure My Concussion Method, you can learn to stabilize your energy levels, work on your full recovery and live life to the fullest again.

I created the exact course that I would have wanted when I was where you are now. 

If I had the chance back then, it would have been an act of pure compassion to have given this shortcut to myself.

Cure My Concussion is a science-based, practical, and compassionate recovery method. 

Not only can it help you cure your own concussion: you’ll also learn lifestyle and mindset changes that will benefit your entire health and life.

In addition, it is grounded in the concept of connecting with peers: in our Facebook Course Group, we help each other – wherever we are.

I treated my own post-concussion syndrome
I treated my own post-concussion syndrome

Hi, I’m Melanie

I sustained a “mild” concussion in 2012 because I fell off my bike. After 2 years, doctors told me my brain damage was beyond repair: I had to learn to live with the my symptoms.

I tumbled into depression. When I caught myself thinking that I didn’t see a sense in living anymore, I made a resolution. I had to find a way out of post-concussion syndrome. And once I had, I would come back for you.

In the end, it took me more than 6 years to fully recover from post-concussion syndrome, and it really didn’t have to take this long! My wish is for this journey to be easier for you.

I want my lessons to serve as a shortcut for you. That’s why I built the Cure My Concussion Method covering everything I learned.

I was once where you are now.

Initially, I experienced a lot of confusion. What was happening to me? Why couldn’t doctors help me? Did I do something wrong?

While I was struggling to find help and recognition, my days were filled with my concussion and whiplash symptoms.

The worst thing was my concentration slipping away. I couldn’t focus on my work, on conversations, and on my screen anymore.

This made me feel isolated from work, friends, family – anything remotely social.

The back ache made it painful for me to sit up. The only way I was not uncomfortable was by laying down, flat on my back or in a foetus position.

I had many different headaches, but one that has been with me for years, was a pinching, tingling feeling in the back of my head. 

The headaches made a lot of normal tasks into an incredible challenge. They came from light, from sound, from concentrating, from anything…

And then there was the dizziness – especially when I was focusing on soemthing, like a screen or a person’s eyes.

It would feel like I was on a wildly spinning circular platform – while the focal point was remaining still in my view.

The nausea I felt was like the one you feel just before you have to throw up. Only, this one was just there, for hours – without anything happening.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You’re not alone. 

I felt just like you. All I wanted was to get my life back, but it felt like an impossible dream.

Taking rest for my concussion

This picture was taken in the short moment my curtains were open to let in a little day light. I’m clenching my teeth, because even with the strong sunglasses, it feels like I’m under attack.

I couldn’t look at screens. Conversations were too intense in so many ways. I had trouble concentrating. My light sensitivity, crazy headaches, and emotions dominated every day.

I felt isolated from work, friends, family – anything remotely social. I felt my life, my career and my dreams slipping through my fingers.

So believe me that I know the desperation…

…that washes over you when you feel you’re stuck

I know the frustration of doctors telling you there’s nothing wrong with you.

I know the pain when they tell you that you have to live with your symptoms.

I know the nagging fear of having no clue what to do next.

I know how alone it feels to have a concussion.

And I know the awful feeling of your life slipping away from you.

Lost in all these feelings, I was sitting on my couch and I realized something. 

A moment of complete clarity came over me.

 I remember thinking: “I only live this way because doctors told me I can’t get better – and because I believe them.” 

What if I believed I would get better?

A lot of bad things had happened since my accident.

All of this would continue if I continued to see and approach my recovery the same way I had done so far.

I concluded that nothing would change if I didn’t change.

What if I fully & completely believed I would get better? 

Yes, I could do that! If I’d do that, it would mean I will get better: I don’t know how, but will find a way!

And that’s when, where and how my recovery started.


Where the medical system told me to look no further, further was now my starting point.

Where rehabilitation clinics charged extreme prices, I figured I could apply knowledge myself.

Where doctors couldn’t relate at all to the way I felt, I realized I was the best doctor I had all along.

By now, I was motivated beyond reason
and I knew infinitely more about my body and concussions
than any good doctor I had met.

I was my best shot at recovery! 

Just like you are yours.

A new era started.

I spent years…

Doing research
Analyzing all the literature I could find
Studying the brain
Digging deep into the science of concussions
Studying all the experts in the field
Diving deep into cutting edge research
Finding doctors that weren’t afraid to deviate from protocol
Reshaping the lessons I learned in the clinic I’d visited
Testing different diets

Aside from the innumerable hours of studying and researching,
I experimented with tons of things – on myself.

And then I combined everything I had learned.

Every aspect of study and all experimentations taught me something.

Once I combined and refined it all, I cured myself from post-concussion syndrome.

There are no words to describe the amount of effort that went into it.

The result


And then some!

The CMC treatment cured my concussion

Now, I have more than enough energy to help and guide you.

To share all I learned so that you don’t have to take as long, spend as much effort and do as much research as I had to do.

I want your road to be smoother than mine. I believe that’s what my struggle was for.

And that’s why I built the Cure My Concussion Course, covering all that I did to fully recover.

The CMC treatment cured my concussion

And I’m not the only one who made a full recovery with this method!

“I came across Lifeyana at the time when I was experiencing one of the lowest points in my recovery journey. Reading Melanie’s story already provided me a lot of comfort and much needed recognition.

So I immediately purchased the course and started with healing my soul and body. The course has empowered me to continue on my journey with strength and at the same time taught me to be kind myself and listen to my body better.

I wish I had known all the things I learnt in the course earlier. But better later than never. Thank you so much for all the work you put into helping us to go through the recovery with more understanding of our bodies/brains and knowledge how to help them to heal.”

Eva Granakova's review about the cure my concussion course

Eva Granakova

“People often underestimate the impact of a concussion. Doctors do, too. I was sent home with the message that I’d be back to my old self within 3 weeks, but I wasn’t – at all.

Things really begin once you’re released from medical care… Searching the Internet, I was overloaded by information and I couldn’t find what I needed.

I’ve struggled, fought and cried so much. I felt betrayed by my own brain and I doubted myself. I was angry. Three steps forward and two back: would I ever recover? When could I enjoy life again, without retaliation the next day?

I’m so grateful that Melanie helped me when I felt so overwhelmed and alone. She guided me through the process that she knew so well, and her wise lessons really helped me: I’ve finally recovered. I think this course is amazing! ❤️”

Imme van der Bent

Imme van der Bent

I want all my work, everything I had to learn and discover the hard way, to help you. I want to share it all with you. All major lessons, all details – everything there was to it.

This is why I created

The Cure My Concussion Course

This course arms you with the plan, techniques and tools you need to kickstart your complete recovery.

In carefully built-up sections, each filled with video lessons, you’ll learn all there is to the Cure My Concussion method that helped me recover completely from post-concussion syndrome.

Everything is centered around the optimization, restoration and regeneration of your brain and its functions for complete recovery, applying the cutting edge of brain science.

And that’s not all! On top of that, you will get access to the Cure My Concussion support group!

What’s inside the course?

Over 5 hours of video lessons

The exact treatment that cured my PCS

Carefully-built up sections with 29 lessons

The printable course workbook to guide you

Tons of tools & techniques to get results right away

The Cure My Concussion Course

So The Cure My Concussion Course is filled to the brim with both the complete method and many tools that you might need to heal your post-concussion syndrome.

In carefully built-up sections, you’ll find more than 5 hours of video lessons that can be downloaded as .mp3 files, so that you don’t have to watch your screen.

I’ll walk you through the contents below, but first I invite you: to experience the course for yourself by watching the first lesson of the course right here and now – it’s free:

The course is broken down into 3 main sections:

Section 1: Prime For Recovery

– 4 lessons –

Set yourself up for recovery success. Learn to choose your beliefs and mindset so that you can empower yourself. Recognize the habits that make and break your recovery. And what about diet? It’s all there!

Section 2: Get Action

-14 lessons –

Be ready to learn how to get your brain into a state of restoration and regeneration. A big part of this section is brain training to increase capacity & relearn lost skills specific to your situation. You’ll also learn rehab tools that will help you get better results!

Section 3: Pain Management

– 7 lessons –

In this section, we’re going to look at how you should interpret pain. Most pain has a function, but sometimes it hasn’t. And is it possible to apply natural and sustainable pain management methods? I’ll guide you through everything!

And there’s more!

Bonus modules

Aside from the core modules, there are so many invaluable details that all add up to your complete recovery. You can these in the bonus section, which is a toolbox for your recovery!

Would you like to try any of these bonuses?

– The Brainboost Sleep Therapy method, which I developed because I had so much trouble sleeping (and thus: recovering)

– A deep abdominal breathing exercise, to relax your body and brain within 30 seconds.

This course contains all the invaluable information I wish I had access to while I was recovering.

I want you to have access to everything I had to learn the hard way. Had I known all of these things before, I absolutely would have recovered a lot sooner. And that’s why I know you can do this, too.

The Cure My Concussion course serves as a shortcut to your recovery.

Temporary promotion

At this moment, we are promoting the course by offering it for just $ 149. In just a few weeks, the price will go up to $ 249. 

Enroll now to take advantage of this temporary promotion.

Please know that you’ll have unlimited life-time access to the course and all its materials, on top of asking Melanie anything you want.

If you’re worried about the course price, please know that it is much less than what clinics charge and it’s unimaginably less than learning all that’s inside by trial and error. 

I have paid a steep multiple of this price in years of my life.

I would have chosen this course over having to figure everything out all by myself.

What would it be worth to move away from feeling stuck, for good? To dare to dream again? What would it be worth to be able to depend on the energy you need every day? What would it be worth to you to recover faster?

I am asking you because I don’t want you to struggle unnecessarily. This program cured me (and in the meantime other people, too) and I don’t want to leave you without offering you the same strategy and tools.

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