If you’re struggling to recover from post-concussion syndrome, you can use all the help you can get! That’s why we made this page for you, filled with free materials, post-concussion guides, Concussion Stories podcast episodes, blog posts and more to help you get action and move forward!

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3 ways to speed up your recovery right now

Brain foods for post-concussion recovery

Brain foods for concussion recovery

3 things I wish I knew during post-concussion recovery

3 things I wish I knew during concussion syndrome recovery

Concussion Stories podcast episodes

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Interviews with Melanie

The Cure My Concussion course

The Cure My Concussion Course

Do you want to reclaim control over your recovery from post-concussion syndrome? The Cure My Concussion course is here for you!

It’s a shortcut for you that includes everything I learned the hard way, and all tools, techniques and schedules that you need to work on your complete recovery. Get action & support!

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You are not alone in your concussion recovery

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