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Lifeyana has been helping patients with post-concussion syndrome since 2020.

I am personally available
The course comes with a support group
Personal guidance with one-on-one coaching
I refer patients to medical professionals in my network for specialized care

What people say about the course and coaching:

Derek Apple, Canada

Derek Apple's review of Lifeyana

“You and the course have made a huge difference in my life. I was given hope, encouragement and practical solutions. The vestibular exercises you applied to my unique symptoms during our coaching session made a real difference. My symptoms have improved 100%.”

Imme van der Bent, The Netherlands


“People often underestimate the impact of a concussion. Doctors do, too. I was sent home with the message that I’d be back to my old self within 3 weeks, but I wasn’t – at all.

Things really begin once you’re released from medical care… Searching the Internet, I was overwhelmed by information and I couldn’t find what I needed.

I’ve struggled, fought and cried so much. I felt betrayed by my own brain and I doubted myself. I was angry. Three steps forward and two back: would I ever recover? When could I enjoy life again, without retaliation the next day?

I’m so grateful that Melanie helped me when I felt so overwhelmed and alone. She guided me through the process that she knew so well, and her wise lessons really helped me: I have finally recovered. I think this course is amazing! ❤️”

Eva Granakova

Eva Granakova, Denmark

“I came across Lifeyana at the time when I was experiencing one of the lowest points in my recovery journey. Reading Melanie’s story already provided me a lot of comfort and much needed recognition.

So I immediately purchased the course and started with healing my soul and body. The course has empowered me to continue on my journey with strength and at the same time taught me to be kind myself and listen to my body better.

I wish I had known all the things I learnt in the course earlier. But better later than never. Thank you so much for all the work you put into helping us to go through the recovery with more understanding of our bodies/brains and knowledge how to help them to heal.”

Milica Raseta

Milica Raseta, Croatia

“I heard about Melanie through social media and I did not hesitate for a moment to connect with her. Her energy is inspiring, promising, hopeful and warm. Even after a 30 minute call I felt like I was on the right path.

Her course is systematic and proven. Her work and energy is everything a person needs when dealing with PCS.”

Natasha Bowyer, New Zealand


“The course really changed my mindset: I no longer continue doing things that aren’t working.

It means so much to be able to talk to Mel! It really means a lot to me that I know she totally gets how I am feeling. Even though I know others try, they just can’t understand completely.

It’s also in the little things and getting messages from Mel. It makes me feel like she is really rooting for me, constantly thinking of me and researching new things for me.”


Ana Erčulj, Slovenia

“I wish I had found Lifeyana earlier. I have been working with Melanie for aproximately 3 weeks and I already see improvements. I can say I finally see the light at the end of this PCS tunnel. Melanie is super compassionate and a dedicated coach. I cannot imagine not having her in my life anymore, because her knowledge and helpfulness are crucial in my PCS recovery.”

José Fernandes, Portugal


“Just meeting you and hearing your story already had some kind of healing effect on me. When I listen to your course program, I can sense something sincere and very good, and how you wish the best for us.

I think that your program – which is more than a course – in a certain way is love. Feeling love is really important to all of us in life, but even more so when we suffer from post-concussion syndrome.

I can relate to what you went through, and coming back from all of that with such a positive vibe is refreshing and inspiring.”

Lea Klein, USA


Melanie is the real deal. I had been to 4 “top rated” neurologists over the 15 months I have had a concussion, and none of them had any significant recommendations on how to help me heal from my concussion – except to take vitamins and medications.

I also did 7 months of vestibular therapy with no significant shifts. I was stuck walking the same 1/4 mile for about a year and every time I tried to walk more, I would end up back in bed for two weeks with symptoms. I never thought I was going to be able to walk any further; I figured this was my new life.

After two months of coaching with Melanie, I am able to walk a full mile!! I am able to do so much more than I was able to do before working with her, and it’s all because of her program and brain training techniques.

Melanie has also become a true friend in the process; she motivates and encourages me when I am scared, comforts me and empathizes with me when I’m sad and frustrated, and also laughs with me about all the silly things that have come up on this journey. Melanie is a bright light and a true pleasure to work with.

Eva Christodoulou, Cyprus


My story is from a carer’s side. I contacted Melanie after my toddler sustained a concussion and had prolonged symptoms. I was lost and in despair because I couldn’t understand what the symptoms felt like, while watching my child suffer. The advice I kept hearing from the medical field was to give it time, but they gave me no other actionable plan.

Melanie’s warmth and compassion gave me a break from my constant anxiety of not knowing what to do or where to start. Most importantly, she gave me hope. She explained what the symptoms actually felt like and shared concrete input and feedback for my child’s recovery plan. She also put me into contact with an expert for children at my location.

Melanie’s very personal experience with concussion was extremely valuable in helping me create and refine our roadmap to recovery! 

She was dedicated to helping my little guy and I am very grateful to her ❤️


Recognizing depression after a concussion

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Concussion Stories


from some of the platforms it is hosted on, like Audible, Spotify, Youtube, and Apple podcast. 

Just listening to the way you talk makes me feel peaceful, encouraged, and you really help me. You make me feel like I´m not alone anymore, that I have a friendly familiar companion on this journey. You send out a positive energy and you know about what you are talking about. Thank you for spreading good information! 

I have found this podcast most helpful and can relate to our concussion experiences. I look forward to your next excellent episode and I appreciate your work. I am so pleased that you have recovered and are so willing to share.

I have been listening to all your podcasts & your posts from IG. So inspiring & informative.


How long does it take to recover from a concussion

The Cure My Concussion course

If you are interested, feel free to check out the course that I made to help you recover faster. Had I known everything that is covered inside, it wouldn’t have taken me as long as it did to achieve full recovery.

Concussion coaching

During our concussion coaching sessions, I can guide you personally. This means that you have a mindset coach, but also help with the brain training exercises you need to regain the functions your brain has lost. They are not permanent, they just need training!

I am here for you.

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