The best treatment for post-concussion syndrome


The best treatment for post-concussion syndrome

What is the best treatment for post-concussion syndrome? Because, really, there are therapies that you have tried and doctors you have visited, but none of them have gotten you the result that you want: to fully recover. Why is that?

In this post, I’m going to explain to you why none of them have gotten you the breakthrough you want by explaining what you do need to heal your lingering concussion. 

Table of contents:
The best way to recover from post-concussion syndrome
Concussion and neuroplasticity
The best treatment for post-concussion syndrome

The treatment that healed my brain

How do I know what to do? I have completely recovered from post-concussion syndrome after building my own treatment program by using the most recent findings from cutting edge science, patient cases and experimentation (which you don’t have to do anymore)! Let me tell you how it works.

The best way to recover from post-concussion syndrome

The best way to recover from post-concussion syndrome

The best way to recover from post-concussion syndrome is active and multifaceted recovery – applying graded activity – alongside impactful lifestyle changes. So what does that mean?

Active concussion recovery

You can easily understand how it works if you imagine that you have had heart surgery. What is the first thing that the doctor has you do? Move! Slowly, but steadily, train that heart. Do not stay in bed for weeks, because you need to get that blood flow going and strengthen all tissue weakened by the injury. 

Lifestyle changes

And what will that cardiologist tell you about the sedentary office job you’ll get back to in a few weeks? Try and take the stairs whenever you can. And replace that red meat burger at lunch with a colorful salad.

Do not wait it out

These are just simplifications to show exactly what your brain needs after injury. Not a single physical injury heals by permanently staying on a couch and waiting it out. It needs the right kind and the right amount of training. And every injury needs the right circumstances to heal. Your concussed brain does, too. 

Concussion and neuroplasticity

Concussion and neuroplasticity

I want to share a little bit about the concepts of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis with you. 

Brain tissue CAN recover!

Speaking with the Lead Investigator of one of the largest studies ever done on traumatic brain injury (a concussion is a traumatic brain injury), he shared what the brain is capable of.

“Brain tissue can recover. Brain cells (neuron) can regenerate: stem cells can differentiate into new brain cells. Moreover, if there’s a damaged part, other parts of the brain can take over certain functions of more damaged parts.”

The best post-concussion treatment targets neuroplasticity

What he describes are the processes of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. The best post-concussion syndrome treatment targets stimulating these processes. And the best part is? You don’t need expensive equipment to make it happen.

You can bring your brain into this state of restoration and regeneration yourself, and you can do this from home – just like I did. Because the best treatment of post-concussion syndrome is a natural one, where you stimulate the primal processes that lie dormant inside you. 

The best treatment for post-concussion syndrome

The best treatment for post-concussion syndrome

As you know, I built my own post-concussion syndrome treatment from the ground up. It’s first test case was me – and it completely cured my concussion – and I am no longer the only one.

Inside the Cure My Concussion treatment program, we naturally target the stimulation of all restorative processes. You’ll learn how to relearn lost skills and increase your capacity to levels you will have trouble imagining right now. What’s more, we bring your brain and body into an environment where they have everything they need to recover. And where better to do that than from the comfort of your own home?

A new treatment for post-concussion syndrome 

After fully recovering from post-concussion syndrome, I wanted to do just 1 thing: share everything I learned with you. I want your road to recovery to be easier and less alone than mine. 

That’s why I bundled the method I used for recovering inside a course for you. I want you to know that post-concussion recovery is possible: I am living proof. If you want to learn more, you can continue reading the Cure My Concussion page.

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